Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowy days are coming!

I just want to go play in the snow somewhere! just watching this makes me laugh like crazy...I think that high-5 is my favorite.
I am so glad that there are creative people in the world who come up with this good stuff! thanks Laura for forwarding this to me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I got the tagged fever

So Bart my loving brother lovingly tagged me, all that means I think, (please correct me, because Google didn't help) I pick the 4th photo in the 4th folder? whatever that means, I will try it and if I don't like it, I will just pick one that I like and write about it...ha I will rebel against this system, just like I refuse to forward ANY email, unless I make it my own first.

This is probably the worst picture in the album, I should delete and recount...
1) This was a little over a year ago... Raymond, Eric, Ben, David Guptle and I gathered as many Osage oranges we could find and played Home Run derby with them! it was awesome!
2) Ben's bat got all sticky from all the hedge apples (I just learned this from the web page) we smashed!
3) We honestly didn't get quite enough because we ran out in a few minutes. But it was a hoot! it was the classic boys being boys ploy.
4) Another tale that should be told...We also got golf clubs out and smashed the smaller pieces. It was awesome until I swung soo hard that the club left my hands and flew a good 30 feet into a bush. We couldn't even find it and to this day it remains unclaimed. I think that it was just the 3 iron anyway...who uses that?

I tag Chantal, Kristen (my cuz), Karen, and Emily(EJE's sister)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Steel kisses

I love singing too...
This is a video of a guy playing two instruments simultaneously, the flute, not sure what metal they make them out of, but they are metal, and it looks like he is kissing it...and the other instrument is the most versatile of all, his vocal chords, I was impressed...

So at the tender young age of 12 or 13 I decided to subject myself to the rigors of Junior high choir. I felt it was a noble cause, a talent that should not remain hidden or undiscovered. I felt it my civic duty to express myself in this new musical medium.

Honestly though, at first I think it was because I thought "all the cute girls are in choir, if you want to get one of them, you gots to sing too!" SO I joined in the singing frenzy. Believe you me, some of those kids in the Junior High Choir were, how shall I say it, well I can't think of anyway to say it mildly, they stunk! Although I didn't have a lot of experience I knew it! So I stayed with it and lasted longer than my other hard rockin' amigos, but I never did land me a cute singing babe...

Let me tell you the sad tale of one of those cute singing babes, Jessica Spears. She was definately my closest catch, I almost completed this conquest. She has since been very aloof for many many moons in Idaho. I was always totally lost in her voice, and her curly blond hair, she had a great smile too...ah err ah... (sorry EJE) her voice, yeah her singing... she sang like an angel, and I could never do enough to convince her that I was cool... or maybe there were other reasons... Nope I am pretty sure that was it, I just wasn't cool like that. well life goes on...

Anyway I have included a few samplings of songs I love, they have all the right ingredients, good vocals, nice harmonies, vocal percussion, high energy, its an award winning combination! There is some Ben Harper the guy that taught me that vocal percussion was cool, M-Pact the awe inspiring harmonies, and some Rockapella the standard of Excellence if you will in the A capella scene, I once drove all the way to Idaho from Cheyenne just to see these guys in concert! That my friends is some real can't tell me that you don't know who these guys are...

Here is one song I am sure you'll recognize, Folger's theme song.
The following song brings back some "good ol' days" I sure have fond memories of that show. The theme song for that show has got to be their most famous... Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.

My buddy Brandon and I would watch it, as they were rich ranchers and had a satellite dish, and we would play the game on their Mac PC for hours, I really liked it and have known what Speulunking was since the 3rd grade, even though I can't spell it...It was a great resource for when I went spelunking er a caving in the ice cave, I could impress the ladies with my advance vocabulary...okay maybe not, but the ride there in my truck was a plus, unless it died on the way home...hmmm.

I have also included Shambala, its a personal favorite...I can't say that I love the video per se, I don't understand the profile dancing but its still a great song.

I was once in a group, PopRox, we sang this song and had a great time with it.

I absolutely love M-Pact, Willie may jab and tease but I have always been a fan. They were responsible for inspiring me to continue pursuing singing and to make it a goal to be in an a capella group. This is another lives song from m-pact, not bad for a live outdoor venue, eh?

Okay so that is it, I am a fanatic, I'll admit it... its okay, to each their own...right?

Map my run rocks my socks, and shoes

So I don't just do jeeps, I have other loves, running is one of them... I was shown this amazing tool by my former roommate Robert, who got married, and have been using it ever since, I share it here for your enjoyment and use!
The only problem is that i now know for sure exactly how far I am running (It also can track mile splits, MPH, shoe usage etc.) the only problem being that with this knowledge comes responsibility, I can't just claim to have run 10 miles in an hour!
I also am showing a recent run, yesterday, its a 6 miler that wasn't too tough...there is plenty of great areas around here where I run! life is good and I am
happy when I get to run. Attached see a picture of me getting pumped up to run my second half marathon, as part of the Teton Dam Marathon, we had a relay team and I was the first leg. Also for your viewing enjoyment is a picture of me running at a BYU-I XC meet near the airport. This is the last kick right before the finish line.

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