Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exciting web pages

Here are three web pages that I thought were noteworthy, and shareworthy and postworthy!
The first is actually a second...a second Blog for Me. I am going to dedicate it for things that involve Niki and myself, I will leave this one (Superjeeptown) for me and Jeep stuff. This first post was obviously for a class assignment, so bear with those for a few months, I will get some other good posts in there!

This is for a song that I really like, from artists that I really like. Simon and Garfunkle singing "El condor Pasa." This came back to my attention yesterday as part of a Spanish assignment. Its incredible how universal this song has become, just check out some of the other videos, you will find, russians, mexicans, japanese and more remaking this song. just to think that S&G borrowed it from a peruvian.

The Last is maybe less interesting to everyone, but I think its awesome. This guy in Oklahoma customizes trucks to be 6 doors and super awesome! Here is one he did for an Icelandic tour company.