Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sometimes people ask me what my dream is...and the answer i usually give, which is completely valid is not really the absolute catch-all answer.
The Usual answer is that that I would like to have a horse ranch in Colorado. I have visited two in my life, (or been on one and driven past one) and just really liked them, I think its a noble dream!
It lends to a super simple life, which I am a fan of 100%.
But the real answer is something I feel is somewhat more obtainable and realistic (we need realistic dreams too). To build furniture. I have limited experience in this (see picture on the left) but just think that it would be absolutely the greatest hobby/activity/dream job!
I guess I should start with the table my parents gave me, i kinda busted a the whole leg, support framework will need to be repaired...somehow...