Monday, September 12, 2011

New Old Bike

 I would like to present to you my Dad's bike, well it's my bike now. He had it as a college student in Ames, IA and now I have it @ UW. I have made a few improvements and updates, as recommended my my buddy Elder Blomdal. Its not done and I would like to make it a fixed gear, but I am on the way. 
I modified the handlebars from the traditional curved down like a ram, to curving up like a bull, I like it, I also added the new handlebar tape and the matching green chain.

Notice the lone brake handle on the middle of the handlebar, its the only place it would really fit!

 My classmates have dubbed me Bret for President of the Bikes, maybe its because my bikes are so bright, or because I have helped them fix theirs! I really need to put the carrier on the back and get flares to keep the water off when it rains...oh wait it only rains twice a year!