Monday, April 19, 2010

We were M.F.E.O.

Okay so today I get home and Niki says, "guess what Bret?" (Like I am supposed to be able to guess). Instead of making my off in right field guess of "you were abducted by Aliens that looked like Elvis" I just said, "What?"

She then begins to tell me that she was almost nearly, and very closely hit by a car while riding her bike. I was like, "WHAT?! And you waited until just now to tell me?" I kinda think that is a serious thing you know!

She begins to tell me the story about having a green light, crossing the street, the last car didn't stop, they both hit their brakes, Niki flew over the handlebars, the car stopping in time, her getting her jacket dirty, scraping her hands, causing a traffic jamb and everyone stopping staring and asking if they can help, etc. etc. I am just so glad that the accident wasn't more severe and that Niki is okay. Its good I wasn't there, or some jerk in a car and I would have shared words, Mostly me sharing with him!

Here are a couple pics for your viewing pleasure,
if your stomach can handle it! ha ha!

These were very difficult to get by the way.

Oh and Niki's bike is just fine! We are going to have to get her some gloves, not to mention a helmet!

It reminded me of the time that I was in a bike accident and had to go to the hospital and get my perscription and back home all on my bike in the Dark! it was awesome! 
Here is my poor hand.

So I decided that this is another random piece of evidence that Niki and I were Made For Each Other. (Not that I needed it).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The list of exciting websites continues...

I have also created a webpage. This is for my tech for teachers. Its in its rough draft form. Just don't tell my teacher that!
Feel free to browse and comment at your leisure.