Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Monday, September 12, 2011

New Old Bike

 I would like to present to you my Dad's bike, well it's my bike now. He had it as a college student in Ames, IA and now I have it @ UW. I have made a few improvements and updates, as recommended my my buddy Elder Blomdal. Its not done and I would like to make it a fixed gear, but I am on the way. 
I modified the handlebars from the traditional curved down like a ram, to curving up like a bull, I like it, I also added the new handlebar tape and the matching green chain.

Notice the lone brake handle on the middle of the handlebar, its the only place it would really fit!

 My classmates have dubbed me Bret for President of the Bikes, maybe its because my bikes are so bright, or because I have helped them fix theirs! I really need to put the carrier on the back and get flares to keep the water off when it rains...oh wait it only rains twice a year!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A day on the UW campus

Granted this is a day with very few people here on the Saturday before Finals week but there were a couple gems.
 I had to get to book buyback real quick during a break in my class, luckily some nice student left their bike unlocked so I took the NEXT "Powerclimber" all the way there and back in record time! Thanks random irresponsible bike owner! P.S. you need to replace your pedals the bearings are pretty worn.
I actually saw this yesterday, but seeing 'ol Ben with a Lei was just comical, holding the key to knowledge in his hand, I really wish that he had been throwing a hangloose sign, that would have been awesome!

What you can't see is the snow falling, I will remind you that it is April 30th, its okay I still have been wearing shorts, its called rebellious!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Doctor Cowan

Dear Scammer,
AKA Dr (so called) Frank Cowan,
fcowan253@gmail.com -email

So are you legit or are you trying to scam me?

If you are the latter and you are trying to steal from me, I am sorry for you. There are so many other things you could do with your life. Like actually have one and do positive things for the world instead of posing as a doctor inventing companies and identities and falsify info to trick people.

What a waste of your time and your life, In the end this kind of behavior will not pay off. Your $700 dollar scam is going to get you NO WHERE good. I just wanted you to know so that you can't say one day that you had no idea.

There that is it, you have wasted enough of my time. I will move on.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Land of the Free?

Sometimes we think that our country has left discrimination & hate behind. It hasn't.

Please watch the trailer.

Arizona is facing Anti-Ethnic Studies laws, which are oppressive policies and legislation, SB 1070. This will only increase structural and systematic prejudices and ethnic discrimination, things that have weakened our country for centuries.

We have to stop it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Suby I love you

We have a new addition to our family, a 2000 Subaru Outback. I have dubbed her SUBY. She is blue and awesome, its my commuter car for school... I recently added the bike racks (I am the Ward mission leader so I get to give our elders rides once in a while...and lets face it we have 3 bikes of our own, we needed it, and it was cheap off Craig's list. (actually they both were, and we needed both).

I found this ad for what we can expect from Subaru next year, I think they have the right idea...re-badge a kia optima and give it a catchy name...