Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday player

So for those of you unawares...don't worry I don't hate you...I had a birthday a few days ago... March 8th to be exact, I am now 27! yahoo! i think, oh yeah that is right, 2009 minus 1982....that's uh let's see,, carry the one, 10 minus 8 equals.... yes 27!

I wanted to share some of the birthday celebrations cards and presents! I must say that honestly this has been one of the best birthdays of my life!

Thursday there was a "Bret's Birthday Bash" (not solicited by me, mind you).
Friday there was a Bret's Birthday Bowling Party
Saturday my boss took me to dinner since our birthdays are the same day!
Sunday I went to the Johnson's for Lasagna and red velvet cake, hmmm
Monday I brought a birthday cake for FHE treat!

I got the funniest card from my Montana friend, Kristin Scott, pictured here, I love the pictures!
The caption on the inside is "You are a legend in your own mind." I laughed for hours! I won't show you the rest, because its private ha ha! but you can see there was time spent in the making of the card! (there was also some amazing blueberry, coconut, mystery bread, SO SO good!)

I got a record player Holla! I have a record collection, well i had started one, and didn't have a player for the big vinyl discs of black! Laura somehow managed to convince her grandma to give it up! and at least 250 records! that count may be an embellishment, but its a huge huge stack! I listen to one record a day!

I got a beautiful tie (thanks Heather), and some raisin nut bran (thanks Mamá), the best cereal in the world!

I also got a sweet card with a cutout of Lightning McQueen! from My favorite movie! CARS, Awesome! and a plate of cookies that didn't last very long! (Not pictured!) Double Awesome!

All in all I think I didn't fare too badly, although I didn't get any kisses, not even one! You might say, "Well Bret you are 27 and unmarried, what do you expect?" and all I would be able to respond to that is, "well played well played..."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009