Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What is in a name?

So my vehicles (there are four of them) are all precious to me. so precious that they are Baptized (given a proper name).

Actually in Chile when you get a new car (or new pair of shoes) its traditional to "baptize" the new item by scuffing the tire or shoe. You are always worried about getting that first scuff so they do that to get it over with!

1st there is Sunny the '73 Cj-5 Super Jeep, My first love and most cherished...she was named by my brother, he did a good job! Sunny is yellow with orange and white stripes... so Sunny was a fitting name...

I recently acquired two new additions, Sasha and Shadow... Sasha is a '92 Toyota Celica, (Picture to be inserted later) she is my POJ, teal green, no power anything, trunk no worky, missing one hubcap, no AC, missing 3rd gear, hunk of junk, beater car, drive 80 miles to work and back baby. I call her Sasha as it is a combination of two words, SA-ckcloth and ASH-es, put them together and you get SASHA! because that is what she is, my sackcloth and ashes.

Shadow was pretty much named from the factory, its a black '84 Honda motorcycle
with "custom", "designer", "patriotic" decals. Its great, its name is Shadow.

Then there is the trusty pick-up truck, the '97 GMC, she has been my trusty sidekick through so much, moving probably at least 1000 girls in and out of the branch, driven to Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Missouri, not to mention the road trip to Iowa and Tennessee. There is also the countless times towing Sunny to jeeping trails and back again!

She is a stout little tug and gets looks and comments wherever she goes. She reads 221,000 miles on the odometer, so she has come a long way through this life...

My problem is this, what do I call her? I need to keep the "s" name thing going on, and it has to fit the persona of the vehicle...

One day I was in the Shower thinking about "s" names...
Samantha, or Sam, Syndi, Sara, scheumauker, shamu, Shelly, Sacajawea, etc... scrunchii, spaghetti, salami... When i started getting to things I knew it was time to stop... so I send this note to all of you pleading for relief, help me name my #2 love ___________. If your suggestion is chosen you will receive the grand prize!

Hints: 1- The "s" names are in.
2- I espeaka espanish.
3- If it plays to the darker side, and the not too girly side it will be a plus.
look at the picture for help.
4- Silvia or the like is NOT a good suggestion

Please submit all entries by mail (or however you want) at the following address no later than March 8, 2009 12:00 pm CST. One entry per household per year. Family members are not discouraged to participate as their input will not be discarded immediately.