Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The greatest advertising ploys in the world

In the wake of this Christmas season and a record low retail Holiday spending I though that I would share some examples of advertising that I have enjoyed...I am sure there are real names for all these...but I don't know them so i will make them up. Also some of the definitions are interchangeable and intermixed...

#1- Peer pressure-i.e. Keeping up with the Jones'
I have had a love affair with Nike since my best friend Luke Jenkins showed up wearing these awesome Nike Basketball shoes when I was only in 5th grade (before that I didn't see brands, we could never afford it anyway), I figured that was the missing link to my game. I dreamed that if I had Nikes I would have some serious skills. Instead I play like this...

#2-Euphoria- you will be happy IF you have this...
One blessed day I received my first pair of new, bonified Nike Air Jordan Sneakers! I loved these shoes... I wore them until they stopped fitting and way after...I was so excited! My day had finally come! I would be "The Man" on the court, the only one around with skills the coach would rejoice, My teammates would bow and the girls would swoon! ( We all know which of those reactions was the most important).
But unfortunately my skills hadn't improved any from the time spent lacing up those shoes, and I was still a mediocre baller in a world seeking and adoring extraordinary ball skills.
It was all a clever little ploy, an advertising masterpiece if you will. I was caught up in keeping up with the Jones' well the Jenkins was their name, while what really matters is heart and effort, not branding or color scheme! (this last line was unintentionally poetic...hmmm!)

#3- Performance Enhancing properties- that you inherently receive by buying something, it doesn't make sense but we all fall for it...
Soccer sometimes get a bad wrap...in-fact my hometown stake president who is quite tall and talented at basketball teases his 5'-8" son about the height requirements to play soccer...loosely it is that "you just have to be tall enough to touch the ground!" I guess you had to be there. Regardless of your personal feelings for soccer, there is just something about watching the worlds greatest athletes doing some amazing things. Although I am not a great soccer player either...I do remember the coolest FHE activity human foosball! what do you think about this one? oh heck yeah foosball...

#4- Elitism
Here is another example of some sweet advertising...Diet pepsi truck...don't be ashamed if you went out and got one after hearing that P-Diddy had one.

#5- Red herring
Here is another one, its a classic advertisement, Jordan, His shoes, running, Gatorade; all shameless plugs, "Life is a sport, Drink it up!" All in the name of increasing the exposure of a product type and exploiting a niche in the market. Surprisingly this comes from a supposed holy, wise monk in the middle of no where.
Question #1 is this really in an Indian mountain village?
Q#2 Is Jordan really sweating?
Q#3 Is that Gatorade located in a remote area past the expiration date?
Q#4 Do monks speak English?
Q#5 How does this all correlate? how does gatorade fulfill the ever burning questions that only a monk who has dedicated himself to years of meditation?
Or was this all blue screened witty advertising? I will let you make that call!

#6- Fulfill a need
This one is an advertisement you probably saw either flipping the channels at 3 am, Saturday @ 11 am after the good cartoons were over or on everyone's favorite; the Cooking channel... We can all relate to the never ending problems presented by leftovers, tupperware is unorganized, ziplocks get messy in the fridge, foil isn't airtight, and who can really use plastic wrap anyways? The answer? No you don't just throw it out... It's Chef Tony's SMARTLIDZ! Don't knock it till you try it...is that even the saying?
Anyway products like these sell themselves because they actually solve a common problem.

#7- Paradigm Shift
The superbowl commercials have always been historic...take this Apple Commercial...
Here is one too... Mac has always has been interesting..."On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce the Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like "1984."
My question is why did they air this commercial for the superbowl? besides the obviously attractive (big question there) woman, do you think that most of those watching the commercial even understood what the commercial was about? not to mention that the punchline was very vague. Maybe the US open would have been a better choice to spend millions on a witty commercial...but what do I know...

#8-Scare tactics
Mostly used by pesticides/security salesmen one of the lowest forms of advertising...
And how about Terry Tate Office Linebacker! This doesn't even have to advertise anything worthwhile, because it is just a cool commercial! It just makes me laugh!

#9- Funny
I think one of the greatest commercials I have ever seen was this one featured in the 2000 SuperBowl ads.. Herding Cats... no one even knows who or what this is advertising for...again it almost doesn't even matter...

Well i don't have a tenth example...i am open for suggestions...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Letter entry

My mom asked us to write our own paragraph for the family Christmas letter...Here is mine-

I am still living in St. Louis, MO, and as you can tell by the pictures, am enjoying life! I am dating a wonderful girl, Elizabeth Erekson who is from St Louis, we have been "officially together" for a few months and enjoy our time together. This is us at the Balloon Glow, it was absolutely splendid! We actually helped a couple take their balloon down when they were ready to pack it up, it was so much fun! The other picture is us at the Branch Halloween Party, I am a Rodeo Clown and she is a Red Hat Lady, (the other red hatters, mad hatters, if you ask me) were not there yet. As a side note I was nominated one of the costumes most likely to scare small children.

This year has been a busy
one, I has been able to attend multiple weddings, none of them mine, almost every single month this year! Its been a great opportunity to see all you family and friends! This picture shows me busting a groove with my cousin Ellie at Willie Harnish's Wedding. I seriously have had a wedding every month...
January- Okay no wedding, but I was home for Lethe's return from Spain.
February- Crissy Palmer- I didn't get to go...
March- Tim & Alisa (Harnish) Cook 8th, Dustin & Elizabeth Dews
April- Derek and Alyx Cleaver
May- Willie and Liz Harnish
June- Tim and Crystal
July- Spencer & Kaylee Straub, Bryan and Laura
August- Robert and Jaime Marshall
September- Kelli
October- Cory & Jessica Gumm (cousin)
November- Lethe and Tristan 28th (Bart's birthday)
December-Jessi and Cody

I participates in many activities that keep me super busy,
as expected! I am active in Church services as Branch Clerk, as a Temple worker, and Institute President just to name a few. There is a Spanish branch that I also regularly attend to keep the Espanol up to par.

I like to work on the jeep, who has been affectionately named Sunny, I have a motorcycle and a truck that I tinker on and play with a lot. I also have two bicycles and used to commute on one almost everyday.

I love to serve wherever I can, I have a friend named Heather who was paralyzed in an accident, a few years ago, that I see frequently. I love spending time with her and her family; playing games, eating and just having fun. I also am able to help with "manly" chores around their home.

There are plenty of outdoorsy activities to participate in, biking, hiking, jeepin' and plenty of parks, museums and venues to see in the area.

I am currently looking for a new job and hoping to stay in St Louis but I know that only time and the Lord can tell what will happen.