Monday, June 22, 2009

Sasha- The legacy continues

So here is a picture of the lovely Sasha!

I know that you were all very anxious to see her! the bad news about that is, I am moving to Wyoming and can't take her with me, so the whole reason that I took the picture was so that I could post her up on Craig's list and sell her. check out the ad.

I can't take the 'ol, not so tired girl with me so I am trying to let her go.

But if anyone knows of a person in need of a decent car, I would rather give it let me know if you know anyone!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Five hundred, thenty-five thousand six-hundred minutes

So its been Six years (3,153,600 minutes total) since I returned to US soil from the South American Continent.

Reminicent of the Musical RENT (which I have never seen!)

I can still remember the sight of the Santiago city lights fading from my view as the plane lifted off the ground and took me away from the place that had won my heart for the past two years.

Chile! (pronounced Ch-ie-lay)

I had labored and sweated and worked amoung the Chilean people sharing the most important message on the earth...about Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel! Not all accepted and not all even wanted to even talk to us, good looking americans, well some of my companions were at least. However many lives where changed, most importantly mine!

Life is good! I had a great day! My friend Niki and I played earlier. We went for a bike ride around a quarry, and a walk on the Lake Michigan beach! Had some great soup for lunch and played some ping pong. We were 1 and 1 but couldn't finish the 3rd game as her family showed up from Utah...

Anyway, I came back to my cousins house, watched BOLT! such a good show! I went for a run and really enjoyed getting out.

Its been a great day and I can't believe that its been 6 years. I am sure that I have wasted many of those moments, but I think that I have also made the most of others.

I wish that I had been able to go back and visit, but I haven't been able to. Someday...some other moment.