Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My jeep club's link

I like it so I am letting you check out the site...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Jeepin'... er ah 4 wheelin'... I mean diggin'...

So as this is called super jeep town I feel it appropriate to update with some Jeep stories and Pics...

Last weekend My girlfriend and I went to Fulton, MO, with my jeep club to Powatomi Off road park, its about 100 miles due west of St Louis.

I was tired as I stayed up all night putting needless accessories; seatbelts, lights and the like on the jeep, and making sure it all worked well. SO driving to the park, around the park and home was quite an adventure!

The park had mud, which I gleefully barrelled through getting Elizabeth and me muddy, rocks, tight, loose rock trails, trees and creekbeds! it was awesome, here are a few pics that I could get of us in action.

Most of the other jeepers were impressed with my skills and most jealous of my vintage "Retro Ride."