Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I saw this sign about a year too late...

So this weekend (Oct 9) my parents went up to Estes Park, CO to celebrate my dad's 57th birthday, wow 57 is that really how old he is? It was a day trip so we got invited.

We had a great time, saw some wildlife, (only if it was in Estes as Niki and I both slept on the way to and from Estes Park, we both have problems in the back seat of a sedan on winding roads up moutains...enough said. ) The Elk were great and fun to watch, it was a little cold, but we went shopping and spent most of the time indoors looking at cool stuff.

I got an awesome belt buckle and Niki got some sweet scarves, yeah we are big spenders!
If she said she wanted an engagement truck you wouldn't hesitate!

This was my favorite picture, I have been trying to convince Niki that we need an anniversary Truck, but she isn't buying it, (No pun intended), but it was still funny!

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